About Me

Hello everyone!  My name's Miisia and I sincerely thank you for stopping by!
Just a little bit about me:  I'm a free-spirit that loves my family, my dog, writing, drawing, eating, making pretty oatmeals, walking through forests, all things Lord of the Rings, goofing around, organizing, eating, my family's cabin tucked in the woods, eating, and most importantly, eating...wait, I mean helping people reach their dreams and happiness.  (:
My mission and personal goals: My teaching background guides me to teach, motivate, and inspire others. Although I love teaching, I am working on a new path filled with aspirations to write and illustrate children's books and other pieces. After working with children and sharing motivational writings and imagery online, I have found that the best way to get others to act upon their own dreams is by giving them an example. I wish to be this example.

Through The Cozy Escape, I hope to inspire you to live a happier, healthier life.

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For business inquiries, contact Michelle at thecozyescape@gmail.com.