Thursday, February 9, 2017

Advice From Nature: Love Has No Boundaries

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With hearts, chocolates, and roses painting store shelves and TV commercials in reds and pinks, reminders of spreading love are plentiful this time of year.  Yet, these commercial incentives seem rather hypocritical amidst current societal divisions and online duels.  Conflicting beliefs, ideas, and appearances spark tensions that depict love between unlikely subjects virtually impossible, or at the very least, too difficult and exhausting to uphold.  Perhaps Shakespeare's fictitious doomed fate between the bickering Capulets and Montagues even holds some truth in modern day complicated romance. 

However, a simple walk through nature reminds us that love can exist, and often does, between opposing lovers.  Glimpses of contrasting partners are found in even the most unthought-of of places: sharp thorns caress delicate petals; slinky vines cling to the rough torsos of trees; freshly blossomed mushrooms snuggle in the clutches of aged, crumbling leaves; slimy insects plant gentle kisses onto the soft lips of moss; short, nubby shrubs nuzzle tall, wispy grass; and even the wildest of deer befriend our tame canine pets.

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Though nature has its tumultuous tiffs engrained in its instincts, especially in fights for survival, it thrives best when it all comes together in love.

We may not always agree with others, and we may sometimes fight for our own desired existence, but that should not stop us from still having and showing love for our opposite selves.  As nature proves to us each day, there is a way for us all to coexist, differing opinions and all.  Whether it be by giving chocolates, writing love notes, embracing in hugs, or merely accepting those who are different, we just have to find a way to always show love.

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  1. Love your blog post! Thanks for a little light during discouraging times.