Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Garden Chickpea Salad

Besides the new scenery, one of my favorite aspects of the changing seasons is the bounty of new fruits and vegetables lining grocery shelves.  After a few months of the same foods, it is simply a revitalizing change to swap out last season's ingredients to the freshest available harvest. 
With the warmer, breezy spring weather finally pushing away the cold, I am starting to crave healthy, clean salads once again.  The crispness of the raw ingredients feel so light and refreshing after a winter-long feast of hearty meals consisting of warm, thick stews and decadent, sweet desserts.  My desires for those heavy dishes seem to be melting away with the snow, and I am eager to satisfy my taste buds with lighter nourishing ingredients. 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Why Should We Care?

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It is no secret that the preservation of our environment often faces irrefutable danger.  Pollution, negligence, and a lack of respect all harm our world's natural inhabitants.  Although new efforts and organizations are continuously joining the "green" movement to protect the natural world, there are still many people who ignore the damages or refuse to change their destructive ways.  Since our current lives are not in as much detrimental jeopardy as the future human, plant, and animals who will one day exist on this earth, some may feel that environmental issues are not as vital as other problems that we currently face.

So if we are still capable of breathing air, drinking water, growing foods straight from the earth, freely using natural resources to build, and visiting breathtaking scenic spots on relaxing vacations, why should we care?