Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine's Day - It's Just a Hippie Holiday

Photo Credit: Rojer
Ahhh, Valentine's Day - it's the day that makes some flutter their eyes and pucker their lips to sounds of sweet compliments and proclamations of deepest adoration.  It's also the day where others pay homage to Bridget Jones (pre-Darcy, of course) by basking on their couch, robed in their cushy pajamas and accompanied only by a box of chocolate, a bottle of cheap wine, or both.  Although intended to connect us in love, Valentine's Day inadvertently divides us even further apart into a battle between hungry, yet proud singles and slightly obsessed couples in love.  Both teams bicker passionately about their support for or lack of the holiday in a campaign rivaling the election in both fervor and memes.  Even so, there is one commonality that unites us all on this holiday, making us no different from the other side - we are all just a bunch of hippies on Valentine's Day.  

Like a hippie, we alter our appearance to make a bold statement.  Some dress in their finest linens, snuggly highlighting their greatest assets.  Others rebel against the trend-led establishment by dressing in frocks that boast comfort rather than sex appeal.
Like a hippie, we occasionally cause a bout of upheaval.  Some physically fight over seats in the upscale eatery on the hip side of town or internally battle the difficult decision between stuffed teddies and roses.  Others verbally protest the crazed consumerist desires fueled by the gluttonous, money-hungry card and candy companies in hopes of hiding their hidden jealousy that they must supply their own treats.
Like a hippie, we use the media to broadcast our cause.  Some Instagram the cheesy, almost unbearably adorable gifts that their lover had so thoughtfully bestowed upon them.  Others turn to Twitter and Facebook to reveal their diary-esque gossip, criticizing the cutesy posts overtaking their feeds and hoping to cause a stir.  
Like a hippie, we bring awareness to current situations.  Some plaster their relationship status through written declarations of love, photos, and intimate, sometimes-a-tad-bit-too-graphic public displays of affection.  Others proudly proclaim "HAPPY SINGLES AWARENESS DAY" in celebration of their freedom and perhaps as a sneaky form of attracting another solitary mate who anxiously sits alone that day. 
And like a hippie, we sometimes medicate ourselves with our drug of choice.  Whatever our situation may be at the time, we almost always choose chocolate. 
As a tight-knit community, let us all retreat our bows, our arrows, and our sugary sweets.  Instead, let us plaster our symbol of hearts on all that we do to remind one another of our ultimate goal.  After all, us hippies are here not to fight or cause war.  We are meant to spread messages of love. 
So this Valentine's Day, whether you are happily single or enamored by a crush, focus on the power of love.  After all, love is all you need. 
Happy Valentine's Day

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