Friday, February 19, 2016

Remember When?

Remember when life was so much easier?  What about when we had few responsibilities other than finishing homework and feeding the dog?  Or when the entire afternoon could be spent jumping from swings and zooming down slides?  Sigh, oh how lovely it would be to live like a kid again...

Let's face it - many of us have probably reminisced about our childhood lives at one point or another, dreaming of experiencing that carefree lifestyle once again.  As we examine our aging bodies, our hectic lives, and our never-ending stack of bills, reverting to our youthful selves may appear rather attractive compared to our current situations.  But realistically, we haven't found a way to physically travel back in time (yet) and the only direction we can aim ourselves is toward the future, so we better make the most of our existing selves.

While spending time recounting wonderful memories from our youth can help us escape from looming troubles, for a little while at least, we should not rank those times better or more appealing than the moments that we face now.  Doing so will only force us to traverse a grimly painted future that we have designed nearly impossible to escape. 

Instead, recall on those ideal moments from the past as lessons that can still promote a spark of positivity.  Use them as guidelines to direct your current path in the proper direction.  Too often we rely only on the "bad" moments to teach us, but there is great power in analyzing and learning from the good times as well.  You can and should try to improve upon bad moments in your life, but that improvement may or may not yet turn out ideal.  However, if you improve upon a good experience, that improvement will almost always yield satisfying results.

So I encourage you to remember the wonderful memories in your past without having them cloud your current life.  Figure out what factors made those times shine, and use them to light way for your future. 

To get you improving upon the good 'ol times, here are some nostalgic childhood moments and the lessons they still can teach. 

Remember when... could stand up at the call of an ice cream truck's tune without needing to hoist yourself up using the nearest piece of furniture?  All the stretching and exercising you do sure comes in handy., cheese sticks, gushers, and all the junk food you could imagine didn't add an ounce of weight until now?  Well, your future thighs will thank you for choosing the broccoli over the fries for dinner tonight. 
...TV shows were so entertaining that you could literally spend the whole night watching TV and do nothing else?  Perusing the media sure does waste a lot of time; you could definitely use time wiser.
...your only chores were making your bed and washing the dishes?  You can't do everything.  Pick and choose what works for you.
...$10 seemed like a lot of money?  Being smart with your money and saving every penny eventually adds up!
...there were so many kids around you that finding a friend was easy?  Surround yourself with people.  At least one of them might be just as big as a Lord of the Rings geek or fashionista as you are. didn't hear about all the bad things on the news and only focused on the fun stuff?  The quality of life is based upon what you center yourself with. 
...going to the doctor meant that you got a cool band-aid and a lollipop?  Even bad situations can turn out okay. could strut around in sequenced shoes, purple hair, and side ponytails without being criticized?  Actually, you were probably criticized, but you just didn't care.  Be you. dreamt about the day when you'd be older?  Dreams really can come true. 

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