Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Restarting Your Resolutions

Photo Credit: William Warby

With January 31st marking the end of this week, we can officially say that the end of the beginning of the year is fast approaching.  An entire month of 2016 has already passed by, and many of us may be evaluating our progress on those New Year goals we enthusiastically made at the stroke of midnight (or probably the next day).  

Some of you may be proud of the positive changes that you've implemented this month, while others may be regretting (or laughing at or intentionally forgetting) the high expectations that now seem impossible to achieve.  To those of you happy with and proud of your accomplishments so far, continue forward on your journey.  All the time, energy, and will power that you are investing into your hard work is rewarding you with a better version of yourself.  To those that have strayed from their goals, do not be discouraged and definitely do not give up.  You still have a long journey ahead of you and plenty of opportunities to try again. 

Since the new year defines a specific point of culmination and rebirth, many people are attracted to this day for resolution and goal setting.  It feels easier and more natural to start on something new when there is a catalyst to nudge us off.  Think of the new year like a stop watch.  Once the clock hands reach "12", the buzzer sounds and the time begins from 0.  We start off on our own personal races to lose weight, be healthier, be more social, cut back on vices, and so on and so forth.  Essentially, this specially designated time helps us feel comfortable enough to know when to initiate new practices within our lives. 

For these reasons, using the new year as motivation is a wonderful way to push us to attain our goals.  However, relying on the new year to be the only stop watch in our lives can prove rather detrimental, as seen by those who have already "failed" their goals and have pushed them aside.  Once someone veers off course, they may stop the timer out of disappointment. Unfortunately for some, "start" won't be pressed again until they get their hands on another stop watch - another "New Year". 

As with any race or long journey, there will be twists, turns, surprises, stumbles, uneven terrains, hills, mountains, and landslides along the way when trying to achieve goals or dreams.  But unlike many races, there are multiple opportunities for restarts and do-overs.  You don't have to wait until the next year to work on your goals; you don't even need to wait for the next month, week, day, hour, or second.  Every single moment that you live is an opportunity to reset your mission.  You have all the time of your earthly life to work on goals. 

Of course, this precious gift of time should not be taken advantage of.  If you truly want to change yourself, learn new skills, or reach a dream, you can't consistently halt your efforts because "you'll start tomorrow".  Your race will simply not begin until you press "go".  The more time you devote to your goals, the more training you'll give yourself.  Eventually, all your practice will lead you into first place since you'll know how to overcome the obstacles thrown in your way.  So spend every moment that you can headed toward the better you. 

If you have failed your New Year goals or are on the brink of giving up, remember that the very next moment is another chance for a new beginning.  You can start all over again.  


  1. Every day we wake up we are given another chance to be better than the day before.
    Great post!

    Diane Lynn

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