Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nature's Wisdom: Have Tough Skin

Aggressive enemies like blustery wind, menacing lightning, and hammering rain might intimidate even the bravest, burliest soldier to run off and hide.  But a tree is not merely a soldier.  A tree is a resilient warrior. 

No matter the threat that looms over, a tree never retreats in the face of unwanted battle.  Instead it stands mightily in the forefront ranks, eager to withstand each devilish blow.  Layer by layer, a tree may be peeled away, its skin being pricked and prodded until its trunk is left raw.  Leaf by leaf, a tree's sheltering canopy may be destroyed, exposing all but its very core. 

Yet still it stands with its weapons branched out, armed for whatever the war may bring.  A tree remains fighting until it breathes its very last breath, with its purpose defended to the end of its life.

In the face of a battle where you may get roughed up, remember that each wound harms only a layer.  Just as a tree keeps on persevering, keep your skin tough and fight on. 

*Part of the Nature's Wisdom series*


  1. Lovely writing and a very nice analogy!

    Diane Lynn

    1. Thank you kindly for your feedback - I hope that the words can resonate with you when you need them!