Tuesday, November 3, 2015

'Tis the Season...So Celebrate It

Ahhhh, Halloween's over!  Finally, I can prepare for Thanksgiving!  Maybe I should start Christmas shopping...Ohmygosh Valentine's Day is soon.  What treats am I going to bake?!

If those above words are streaming through your mind, stop.  Breathe.  Relax.  You aren't alone.  In fact, I think the stores are many holidays ahead of you. 

When I awoke on the first day of November, a lovely fall breeze did not greet me, nor did the soothing smell of morning-brewed coffee.  Instead, I checked my e-mail, a customary pre-morning routine for many of us millennials, only to be bombarded by a handful of messages warning me that Black Friday is only 26 days away.  26 days?  Oh my!  Will there be enough time to mark up the store ads and plan my shopping routes before then?!  Yes.  Yes there will.  In fact, there is plenty of things to do before then, such as celebrating Thanksgiving or even finishing off Halloween by devouring the leftover candy.    

It seems that unnecessarily rushing ahead a few seasons and passing over holidays has become an epidemic in our society.  Stores put out decorations and party supplies 4 months ahead, concluding the current season  although it just started.  People throw out their Christmas tree the day after Christmas, making room for Valentine's Day decor.  Heck, I even just heard of a mother who sent out invitations for her 1st grader's birthday party taking place in January...and she sent those in October before Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!  Rush, rush, rush - that's all that seems to be going on, and so much is being compromised in the process. 

Have you ever experienced the feeling where a holiday seems to pass by in a flash?  It happens because we don't take the time to completely celebrate the period.  Rather than viewing the holiday as part of the season, many of us focus on that one day where we get together with our family and friends to celebrate or that one event where we engage in festive customs.  All the shopping, all the delicious treats, and all the decor are meant for that one specific day.  We rush and push ourselves into anxiety trying to perfect our celebration that the rest of the days pass by without much consideration.  We allow the time to fleet through our clocks.  Once that one celebratory day comes, it is all over as we scratch our heads pondering the swift disappearance of the holiday. 

As you are reading this, you have been given the opportunity to live out a day of the season.  Let us all stretch out our holidays; let us all enjoy and remember the actual meanings associated with these special times of year.  Explore the beautiful nature of the moment, taking in the subtle changes that make the season special.  Adorn your house in the season's theme, but decorate to appreciate the atmosphere every day, not just to make the holiday a visual success.  Bake with the fresh, seasonal ingredients all season long; pumpkin doesn't just have to spice on Halloween or Thanksgiving.  Don't let one single day overshadow all the rest; live out each day since they are just as special.  Concern yourself with only the season and holiday at the present, not those many months in the future.  Most of all, be grateful for every day that you have the pleasure of taking part in. 

To sum this post, let me share with you a cartoon that an incredibly kind cashier described to me yesterday as we spoke of Black Friday's trance over the holiday season.  A turkey and Santa Claus are standing side-by-side in the picture.  The turkey is shooing Santa Claus away, telling him to go away until December since November should be the turkey's month.  Whatever holiday it is, it has been given extra recognition for a reason, so make the holiday count.  Focus on it all season. 

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