Monday, November 16, 2015

Change Your Perception, Change Life

People are so mean.  There is too much hatred.  Technology causes more of a burden than anything.  The education system doesn't work.  Buildings destroy nature.  No one takes care of anything.  Everything is rush, rush, rush!  The world is messed up. 

With all of the crimes and evil taking place in the world, it's rather easy to have such a negative perception about life.  News stations constantly bombard us with all of the terrible happenings of the day; people stumble through tough obstacles by the minute.  It cannot be denied that we are all surrounded by awful doings and harsh scenarios.  However, we don't have to allow these situations to overshadow all of the good that does exist.

Every day, countless miracles and beautiful moments grace each and every one of us.  Around 353,000 new lives give their first breath.  The U.S., alone, plants about 4 million new trees.  Surgery and medicine give sick people another chance.  Heroes are made, both big and small.  Laughs play joyful melodies that brighten our day.  New science simplifies our lives and provides hope for others.  Talented artists create masterpieces that bring aesthetically bless a room.  New jobs are landed by the unemployed.  Peace offerings stop world-wide arguments and playground disagreements.  Generous souls donate their time, talents, or resources for another.  Smiles spread through the crowds.  Skilled tradesmen fix what's broken.  An anxious student passes their test.  Lost pets reunite with their worried families.  "Thank you", two simple words, are uttered in sincere gratitude, along with sentences stringing the three most powerful words "I", "love", and "you". 

Life is not inherently bad; it is how people choose to approach it that creates problems.  If you choose to live life with a negative mindset, you just add to all the negativity in the world, even if you pray for a more peaceful, happier place each night.  Depressing thoughts about the doom and gloom of society cater to those who have chosen a path of misery and darkness.  These thoughts help paint a wicked world. 

You may not have the power to make laws, to adjust the view of others, or to bring peace to every person in this world, but you do have the power to alter the way you approach life.  If you change your perception, you change your life, and this ultimately impacts the lives of every person you come across.  A positive mindset lets you interact with others without causing them, or anyone else, harm.
Think about it - if every person would ignore the yearning for things missing in their life, the poorness that limits them, the troubles that they face, the desires that haunt their mind, and the power they do not have, there would be no reason for evil.  Evil is used as an attempt to fill a void.  If concentration shifts to all that is bestowed upon us and good, then no voids would need to be filled.  Humanity and nature would not be abused in order to make a statement or to gain notoriety; there would be no need to do either.  A simple change of mind and values would allow every one and every thing to interact peacefully. 

Open your eyes to the good that exists.  Notice how astonishing life can be and celebrate it.  You don't have to ignore those suffering through negativity.  Pray for them and send them love.  But the best way that you can directly help these people is by vowing to create a better world; you hold the power to do so in your mind.  

Think happy thoughts, think positively, and most importantly, think of the goodness in life.  By doing so, you have the opportunity to spread peace to every person, every place, that you encounter.  

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  1. So true, so true! Thank you for your words of wisdom and comfort. :)