Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scary, Spooky, and Silly Hallowen Movie Recommendations

In the dark, you mask yourself within the shadows cast by the full moon's light.  Your chest rises up and down, up and down, up and down.  Creeeak.  A door opens.  The harder you try to silence your breath, the louder it whispers to him, calling him nearer.  Errrrack.  The wooden floor boards murmur.  Your fingers grip your knees closer to your chest.  You desperately try to squeeze yourself into disappearance, but your fingernails carve deeper into your skin.  The pain reminds you that you're present.  And so is he.  "Heh,"  you hear faintly. He waits behind the door.  Knock, knock, knock.  "Can I come in?"  Although you can't see his face, you know that he smiles.  A devilish grin slowly unfurls across his cheeks while he sardonically asks for permission.  He doesn't need your answer; he doesn't need your consent.  He wants to come in.  He wants you.  He enters. 

First, his shadow creeps into the room, reaching your toes before he even realizes where you cower in fear.  "I know you're in here."  But does he truly?  Perhaps he casts out lies to lure you in; perhaps he fools himself with false assumptions.  As he turns in your direction, you know you fool yourself.  Humph.  Humph.  Humph.  His clunky gait pounds the floor like a dying heart.  Or is that sorrowful thump your own lifeline giving up?  Kshhhh!  Lost in thought for merely a second, your clutch loosened, letting your heel slide not even an inch.  "Ahhh."  This is it.  He heard you.  He knows where you hide.  His hands wrap around the chair and pull away your cover.  "I found you!"  Now it's your turn to seek. 
Your heart pounding.  Your fingers sheltering your eyes.  Your anxious anticipation of the chilling unknown that lurks around the corner.  What is it about being scared that makes us feel almost...cozy?
With Halloween just around the corner, watching scary movies is a favorite way to spend the dark, spooky evenings for many.  According to Dr. Margee Kerr, a sociologist who studies fear, when we willingly put ourselves in situations that frighten us, we release endorphins and dopamine along with our jumps and our screams.  These chemicals relieve our stress, reduce our pain, and actually boost our overall mood.  That's right - being scared makes you feel better! 
One way to safely scare yourself happy is by watching scary movies.  I love scary movies that verge on eerily artistic.  The mystery and suspense that awaits you in these kinds of films really feed into your emotions, making you directly interact with the plot.  It's almost as if you are in the movie, yourself! 
Below, you'll find my recommendations for eerie, dramatic, and thrilling horror films.  I've also added my other favorite Halloween classics because let's face it, what is Halloween without Hocus Pocus?  Whether you are craving a good haunt or just want to be spookily amused, check out my favorite Halloween films. 
So this Halloween season, cozy up to a terrifying, blood-curling creepy movie and scare yourself to good health!   
Bone-Chilling-You-Won't-Be-Able-to-Sleep-at-Night Movies:
Ju-On (The Japanese original The Grudge)
Ringu (The Japanese original The Ring)
The Grudge
The Omen
The Ring and The Ring Two
The Skeleton Key 
Utterly Eerie:
Black Swan
House at the End of the Street
Interview With the Vampire
Night of the Twisters
Rose Red (TV Mini-series)
The Woman in Black
Secret Window
Sleepy Hollow
The Haunting (1999)
The Others
The Sixth Sense 
Amityville Horror (2005)
Shutter Island
The Shining
Strange and Unusual:
Edward Scissorhands
Mars Attacks!
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber 
Freakily Funny:
Addams Family
Addams Family Values
Hocus Pocus
Practical Magic
Scary Movie 1, 2, and 3
The Burbs
Family Friendly:
Halloweentown I and II
Monster House
Teen Witch (1989)
The Little Vampire
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Witches
Under Wraps
Scaring Theatre Audiences Now:
Crimson Peak

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