Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nature's Wisdom: Advice from a Mushroom

Keep your eyes open.  Listen.  Observe.

Existing from the beginning of time, nature has some of the most influential, meaningful messages to share.  Although it has changed throughout the centuries, nature has found ways to preserve itself and adapt to the changes.  It has never given up, no matter how harshly others have treated it.  Having experienced change, obstacles, time, fruitful moments, and the other many facets of life, the wisdom that nature has to offer exceeds even that from who you consider the most intelligent human beings. 

As you walk through nature, don't ignore the messages.  Instead, learn from the many secrets and advice hidden between the leaves and the branches.  Grow with the plants.  Evolve with the earth. 

Advice From a Mushroom: Even the Broken are Beautiful
There is nothing ugly about this mushroom.  Although it's top has been torn off, the mushroom still stands mightily.  Rather than fading into the earth, the mushroom has become even more compelling.  Exposing the beautiful gills that adorn the inside of its cap, the mushroom proudly shows off the magic that lies underneath its facade.  Its vulnerability has made more of a visual impact than its typical exterior ever did.

The next time that you feel battered or broken, remember that your faults and your interior are what make you stand out.  You still are beautiful even when you feel disheartened or damaged.  You still have the power to make an impact.    

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