Thursday, September 17, 2015

Try It Out: Palmolive Soft Touch

Of all products to use as my very first "Try It Out" suggestion, I choose the most invigorating one: a dish-washing soap!
In all seriousness, I was just washing the dishes, my mind roaming in its land of randomness, and I was thinking about how much I actually loved this dish-washing soap.

Most soaps wreak havoc on my already sensitive, dry hands, but of all the dishwashing liquids that I have used so far, this one has the most gentle effect.  My hands still need a drop of lotion after I wish the dishes (they are REALLY dry so I don't think any kind of soap would help), but they only need a drop after using Palmolive Soft Touch rather than half a bottle.

This dish soap has a touch of vitamin E to help keep your skin soft.  While there is a soft, pleasant floral fragrance, it doesn't seem to have a burning effect and the smell is definitely not overpowering or overtly chemical.  In fact, when the bottle was first opened, it made me almost want to wash the dishes (don't let the soap amount used fool you...washing the dishes definitely is not a hobby...don't worry). 

I just wanted to share this with any of you dealing with sensitive skin or with those of you who just need something motivating enough to scrub that growing pile of dishes.  Try it out!

(This post is not sponsored and is completely my opinion)

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