Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Everyone Needs a Cozy Escape

At my little, yellow cabin tucked away into the secluded pine forest, life seems to pause.  Stress, noise, worry, pressure - all of these just melt away, as if their haunt never loomed.  Time goes by, yet somehow, the date never can be remembered.  Plenty of work is needed around the land, but this work is simpler, more relaxing than the rest.  Maybe it's the way the sound of chirping crickets and scattering squirrels lulls me; maybe it's the clear air that allows me to breathe.  Whatever it is, something about this cabin - something about these woods - brings peace to my life.  It is my cozy escape. 

I am all too familiar with stress.  Despite all the blessings that I have been graciously given, there are still troubles and worries that constantly prick at my mind, never letting me forget that they exist.  I'll be the first to admit, I am horrible at dealing with stress, and I struggle daily with finding a way to just let some issues go.  With all the sickness, pain, and anxiety that fills our world today, I'm sure that I am not alone in this fight.  There are others that experience far greater hardships than I ever will, their stress even more extreme.  That being said, it is important to not bind ourselves to these stresses; our health improves when the stress releases.
Sure, there are all these methods, tips, and health mantras out there in hopes of relieving stress; I even try to share some of my methods on this blog.  However, those that struggle with anxiety understand that sometimes it feels as if escaping stress's wrath is impossible, no matter the advice.  An escape is what these people crave; an escape might just be what they need.
When I travel to my family's cabin, I feel this escape.  My love of trees, the simple life, and all things nature allow me to thrive at my home away from home.  There, I am surrounded by the things I love, and this makes me happy; this helps my creativity and passions restore. 
With its two-room build and primitive plumbing, by no means is our cabin extravagant, but I know we are fortunate enough to even have a vacation getaway.  Whether or not you are able to own a cabin or even travel to a distant spot, you can still find somewhere that helps you escape.  Your bedroom, the library, a park bench down the street, the coffee shop around the corner, the living room in your grandparents' house - any of these places can be your escape.  An escape doesn't have to be extravagant or filled with luxuries, nor does it need to be far away.  All it needs, all you need, is to be surrounded with something that you love.  Find somewhere that helps you experience that feeling of breathing as if for the first time.  Perhaps your bathroom displays a picture that makes you smile - go here to escape.  Maybe a curb rests near a bakery that sends sweet scents of childhood memories in the air - escape to the curb.  If you can find your place that distances you from the distractions and pain brought on from stress, a simple trip to this spot, even if for a few minutes, will calm your spirit and rejuvenate you.
Yes, an escape may just be temporary.  Even if you are lucky enough to change your life and eliminate a specific stressor, there will be some kind of stress, in one form or another.  Humans will never be able to control every aspect of living.  But a few minutes, hours, or days spent in your little escape will allow your mind, body, and spirit to rest.  That moment will be set aside just for you, so that you can experience peace and happiness rather than stress breathing down your back.  You may even clear your mind, helping you to handle stress from a clearer perspective. 
So find something that you love and visit it often.  Let your mind and body break from the troubles.  Take a journey to your cozy escape. 

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