Monday, September 14, 2015

7 Yoga and Stretching Videos for the True Beginner

Can you contort your body into one of those mind-blowing, gravity-defying yoga poses? No? Me neither, which is why I need the very basic of the most basic tutorials.  When you search the web, you can find countless videos labeled as "beginner".  The videos start off nice and calm, you think to yourself "hey, maybe I could teach yoga", but then halfway through, you need to twist your right leg over your heard while bending your left arm back to reach your other leg that is extended completely straight back.  Next video.  Unfortunately, some "beginner" videos are a tad bit more advanced for those of us that feel the burn while trying to reach our toes.  However, I have come across some yoga video gems throughout my searches that I would love to share with you.  These yoga videos help with everything from calming the mind to exercising your body.  I have also thrown in some stretching videos for flexibility to help you become more nimble for your yoga journey.  For the most part, these videos have pretty simple techniques that are clearly shown and easy to follow.  Of course, you may not be able to get as flat as these yogis can (I sure can't), but stretching as far as your body allows helps you nonetheless!  Be sure to check these out, my yoga beginner friends!  Namaste.

Yoga to Ease Bloating and Stomach Pain (12 minutes):

Yoga to Clear the Mind (6 minutes):

Yoga for Weight Loss (26 minutes):

Yoga to Ease Back Pain (12 minutes):

Yoga for Weight Loss and Flexibility (22 minutes):

Flexibility Stretches (14 minutes):
*They are stretches made for dancers, but they feel SO good*

Blogilates Stretching for Flexibility (10 minutes):
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