Wednesday, September 23, 2015

15 Reasons Why a Dog Makes You Happy

Sure, owning a dog can be a lot of work.  You have to take them out, keep them clean, and you'll always have another mouth to feed.  But all of the responsibilities that come with owning a dog are sure worth the hassle at the end of the day.  A dog is more than a best friend - they are a loyal companion that always seem to bring a smile to your face. 
If you are searching for reasons to coerce your roommate into getting a dog or are looking for something that will bring you joy, here are 15 reasons why a dog makes you happy:
  1. No matter the kind of day you had, a happily wagging critter is always excited to greet you at home.
    Photo Credit: Jim Larrison
  2. A dog doubles as a personal trainer.  They motivate you to get some exercise, even when you feel a little lazy.
    Photo Credit: John Benson
  3. On a cold day, a dog will keep you warmer than a blanket.
    Photo Credit: Callie Reed
  4. You know how big, doe-like eyes make Precious Moments so adorable?  Dogs have larger ones that melt your heart.
    Photo Credit: Geoffrey Fairchild
  5. Dogs don't judge you for sleeping in a little longer.  In fact, they encourage it.
    Photo Credit: Tony Alter
  6. You never have to dress up for a dog; whether a fancy dress or holey PJs, they'll love you all the same.
    Photo Credit: Michelle P.
  7. If you feel sad, happy, or angry, your dog will know.  They always understand your feelings, and they'll respond accordingly.   
    Photo Credit: Angela N.
  8. A dog, especially cute ones, makes you famous in your neighborhood.  Because of your furry friend, more neighbors will suddenly know who you are.
    Photo Credit: North Charleston
  9. Even if no one in your family likes your cooking, your dog will think your meal is the best one that they've had for awhile. 
    Photo Credit: Derek Gavey
  10. A dog means you no longer need to pay for TV.  They provide all the entertainment you'll ever need.
    Photo Credit: Petful
  11. When a dog has done something wrong, they'll actually look sorry for what they've done. 
    Photo Credit: Cindy
  12. Responsibilities that come with owning a dog give you the perfect excuse to leave an unfavorable engagement early.
    Photo Credit: Simon James
  13. You'll get more kisses in a few seconds than you've ever gotten in a week. 
    Photo Credit: stuartpilbrow
  14. Dogs willingly help with the chores.  When there is a spill in the kitchen, they'll be the first to mop it up for you.
    Photo Credit: Thirteen of Clubs
  15. By owning a dog, you automatically become important to someone.  You alone are the reason for their health and happiness.  You matter.
    Photo Credit: Michelle P.


  1. Let's face it, owning a dog just makes the world a better place!