Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wednesday's Weekly Welldoers

After starting this post, I have become a lot more conscious of all of the good that goes on in this world, and I have been more conscious of my own actions!  Realizing that this world is not just in the midst of crime, lack of respect and morals, and obstacles can really boost your mood, so here is my reflection on the positive actions from the past week.

Something I've done to help out others:

It's that time of season when my lovely, tasty berries are going out of season while the prices are sky rocketing ( :( ).  I found frozen blueberries with double the amount of blueberries as the fresh container for the SAME price.  While in a long line at the grocery store, I noticed the lady in front of me had the fresh blueberries.  She asked me about the bag and explained to her how much cheaper they were - she wanted them for smoothies anyway, so frozen would be perfect! The line was incredibly long behind us and she was next to be checked out, so she didn't want to leave and make the others in line angry.  I gave her my bag because I wanted to save her some money.  Since I knew where the frozen blueberries were, I quickly ran to get some.  I saved her from angry stares and I gave her the opportunity to save a little money.

Something I've witnessed where someone helps others:

Outside my work window, I noticed this wrapper from a bag of chips laying out on the ground for the longest time.  This sidewalk is heavily populated with on-foot traffic, but everyone who passed the wrapper by simply left it there; the wrapper wasn't even grimy.  I, too, could have walked the few steps out the office door just to throw it away - it would have taken all but 20 seconds.  However, I joined the ranks with all the others who played blind.  At one point during the late afternoon, I noticed a man rushing by; he was swiftly walking by dressed in a dress shirt and pants, obviously rushing to some engagement.  Without any hesitation, he bent down, picked up the wrapper, and threw it away in the trash a few steps away.  His demeanor and swift approach to clean up the environment was so natural, as if it was his duty to take care of the earth.  This man portrayed a prime example to all of us who notice wrappers or plastic bottles laying on the ground without taking any effort to do anything about them.  We all live on this earth, and together we have the duty to maintain it.  His actions caused me to feel guilty for all the times that I left something that should have been thrown away or recycled, but I will definitely remember his actions the next time I notice something (clean and safe of course!) laying on the ground, waiting to be disposed of.

Something that someone has done to help me:

The other day, I needed to go get some blood tests done.  Having a tendency to faint (my body's natural reaction to pain!) and a difficult time drawing blood, the nurse tried to make the experience as comfortable for me as possible.  Usually nurses just try to jam the needles a few times until some blood comes out, but she modified the procedure, used a baby's needle, and left me unbruised! I greatly appreciate her care during this visit.  Also, I thank my mother who took time off from work and scrambled her morning up, came with me carrying a sugared tea in hand in case I felt weak, and drove me home.  Thank you :)

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